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I know this might sound kinda stupid, but we are a fandom right? We can do something. Show that we have power. If there’s enough of us, that is. The Mentalist can’t get cancelled. It can’t and we can’t let it.

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Can we please talk about Benedicts full name

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch

who the hell names their child that

literally the same people that named their child william sherlock scott holmes

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But we shouldn’t feel guilty because those days just happen. You’re allowed to do nothing sometimes, especially when you just don’t feel up to anything else. 


When people tell me Simon Baker isn’t hot:

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i got a ton of messages from people who didn’t seem to see what I posted, so i’ll copy and paste it to here.

okay, here we go…

some people are saying that justin bieber smiling in his mug shot and his “beliebers” supporting him is not harmful and, although i think it is generally agreed that it is annoying, i don’t think many people realize how incredibly infuriating it is. so let me tell you a story.

my uncle got married in like 2002. needless to say, i was young. i was like 6. but i still remember his wedding clearly because of what happened afterwards.

a car filled with my extended family was driving from the reception back to their hotel, when they were hit by a drunk driver. the driver was completely unharmed, but my family members were not. my mom’s cousin was thrown through the windshield, and she got a ton of bad, deep cuts all over from the glass, in addition to a head injury and some broken ribs. her boyfriend (who was driving) suffered a bad head injury as well. a family friend in the back seat was bruised badly, pretty much all over. but worst of all, there was an INFANT in the car. and when i say infant, i mean this baby was less than 2 months old. this was a very young and extremely helpless baby. they knew they were about to be hit about 3 seconds before it happened, and my cousin used this time to unbuckle her seatbelt and literally throw herself over the car seat to protect the baby. this was before backwards facing carseats were pretty much required for young babies. the baby was, thankfully, fine because of this, but my cousin was not. when the windshield shattered from the impact, a GIGANTIC shard of glass hit her and severed something in her spine. being young, i was not told exactly what happened, but i know this: had she not thrown herself over the car seat, the glass would have hit the baby in the head, and because she did it, she will never walk again. she’s paralyzed from the waist down because some asshole wouldn’t call a cab.

in addition to this, a couple years ago, one of my close friends lost BOTH of his parents at ONCE in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver.

so, yeah, i would say that justin bieber’s conduct and, more importantly, the blind support from his fans, is EXTREMELY harmful for society. when justin made a conscious choice to drive under the influence, he was not just putting himself in danger: he was putting EVERYONE on the road in danger. literally any living being in the area could have had the misfortune to be in his path while he drove in that condition.

when i say that i am infuriated with the situation, i am not just referring to justin bieber. i am referring to drunk driving in general. none of my relatives had had ANYTHING to drink that night. they had gone to a very lovely wedding and were on their way home, wondering aloud if the hotel pool was open late and having NO idea that their lives were about to be changed forever. this goes beyond a spoiled pop star who thinks his actions have no consequences. this is disgusting on a basic human level.

yes, i am disgusted with the way justin is acting about this, but i think i’m more disgusted with the way his fans are acting. whether it’s gathering outside of the police station to cheer for him or tweeting things with the hashtag #FreeBieber, nobody should EVER support someone who made the conscious decision to drive while under the influence. it is awful and disgusting, and downright cruel to anyone who has been or knows someone who has been the victim of a DUI-related car crash.

note that i say car CRASH and not car ACCIDENT. drunk/high driving is 100% preventable. it is not an accident.

i’m going to wrap this up now, because i know that if it’s too long, nobody will take the time to read this. if you get nothing else from this, just know that supporting justin’s decision to drive while intoxicated is just as harmful and dangerous as him actually driving under the influence. it sends the message that this is somehow okay, and it is not.


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